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A Letter A Week Later

(I tried to post this entry in English. I'm afraid I made a lot of mistakes, so please leave your comment on any mistakes about grammar, vocaburaly and etc...)


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I have listened to TBR “新春毒舌大放談会”till the end. I’m sorry that I could not post any message on that day because of going out. The program was fun, informative and inspired me to think about why I learn English.

As I mentioned on the second entry of my blog about four years ago, I want to be able to do the following things in English:
* Understand movies without subtitles, especially the ones starring Tom Cruise whom I used to like very much.
* Use English at work and/or travel without feeling stress
* Enjoy reading English books, articles on the websites to share various opinions/ thoughts with many people

I forgot when I started to study English seriously; however, my objectives are still the same as the ones in 2005.

Regarding TOEIC, I don’t have a definite opinion now. Sorry. To be honest, I believed that it was difficult to improve my English skill by studying only for TOEIC because it did not help me speak English more fluently. However, some people say you can utilize it as a tool for developing speaking ability, others say your approach is in the wrong direction: if you want to speak English fluently, you speak it as much as you can regardless of your level.
Personally, studying for TOEIC test is effective to get basic grammar skill. I was not good at Part5 and 6 due to lack of it. Recently, I mean, after getting more than 90% at grammar section in “Abilities Measured”, I became to feel less stressful when I wrote e-mails/ documents at work. It’s one of the advantages to study for TOEIC Test, isn’t it? (Of course, I know many people may get grammar skill in different ways.)

This is just an impression of the topics for now. If I have another opinion about learning English and/or TOEIC, I will tell you again.






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